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Q: Which size pastry bag do you use?

Okay here is a stuffed in the middle question--I know it says a size M 1 decorating tip (which was so helpful because who knew there were so many decorating tips until you get to Michael's and see them.)  But what size frosting bag, as there are disposable ones which say they are 12" and the reuseable ones with  sizes 10" 12" 14" and 16"?
Is it useful to have the coupling for the 1M decorating tip, or is that just one more thing to have to wash?  Maybe you only need that if you are changing tips, which the simple swirl frosting doesn't require. I suppose if a person doesn't do this too often, maybe the disposable frosting bags are the way to go. I have to go look in my archives from when I took a cake decorating class and see if I still have some of the tips.  I think then I rolled the frosting bag from parchment paper if I remember correctly.

--Joan, Omaha, NE

A: You can use any size bag that you want.

Great question! I prefer using the bags that are a little larger because I don't have to keep refilling them. However, for a new pastry bag user, the smaller might be better because your hands don't need to be as strong.  I also cut the bags to fit the tip and don't use a coupler. You'd have to buy a larger coupler than they usually sell at Michael's or JoAnn's and you only really need a coupler if you are changing the tip to a different one.

♥ Holly
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