PB Cup Stuffed Cookies (from allrecipes)

PB Cup Stuffed Cookies
So along with their chore chart this week, my kids could choose from a list of age-appropriate life skills to work on, and  baking cookies is something 8-9 year olds can do. After buying peanut butter cups yesterday, I found this easy recipe on allrecipes.com (http://allrecipes.com/recipe/peanut-butter-cup-cookies/). I can hardly believe I've never made these before, or the similar cookies where you smoosh chocolate kisses into a oven-fresh cookie. No coring, and STILL a stuffed-in-the-middle treat. That rocks! ♥ Julie

IMG_6089_edited-1Did you know that if you follow recipes on an iPad or other tablet, you can check off ingredients as you measure them in? Sure beats trying to remember if you already added the salt!

IMG_6054_edited-1pm So, put on your apron ...


IMG_6069_edited-1pm Measure your ingredients ...


IMG_6079_edited-1pm Get a trusted puppy friend to supervise ...

IMG_6105_edited-1pm2And as they say on the Great British Baking Show ... BAKE!


We recommend you:  1. Freeze the peanut butter cups while making batter; 2. Gently remove finished cookies with a spoon; 3. Refrigerate finished cookies so melted PB cups re-harden.



And don't forget the best part of baking ... licking your fingers. Enjoy!



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