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20131227_112212We didn't feel up to baking on the Friday after Christmas, so we headed to Goodwill with Julie's sister Jill for some inspiration, and believe us, we found it! The key is to go in with no expectations and enjoy the ride.

Holly and Jill hunting for treasure ... green tags are half off!

These first curiosities don't have anything to do with baking:

20131227_104930First of all, who knew Cirque Du Tofurky lunchboxes existed? According to the Internet, it's a collectible vegetarian lunchbox that retails for $22.95! Should we go back and get it?

Bobblehead turkey! Definitely more interesting than the ceramic kitten teapot behind it.

20131227_111154We both need reading glasses ... score! 


And now for some inspiration that could actually be blog related:

Holly, what where you thinking on this lunchbox  ... treasure chest for a birthday party? We sure do enjoy metal lunchboxes!

I do love me some metal lunch boxes!! I even gave one to my niece for Christmas but hers was far more girly!  I love anything treasure related; maybe that's why I love stuffed cupcakes --there is a surprise inside!


I was so excited by this rolling pin. I did end up purchasing it. I've looked into what you make with these, Springerle cookies.  I've found several recipes online.  Maybe we'll have to modify them to be Stuffed Springerle cookies.  I'll keep you posted.

No one really needs a Cakesicle Maker, but here it is.

Holly finds some Wilton decorating disposable bags.  Oh, yeah. Those made it into the cart, too.

20131227_103416Julie is always scoping out silverware props with pretty handles.

I love the pearlescent pink!  Gorgeous!

We hope that you and your families are enjoying the holidays and have a fun and safe New Year's Eve. We'll be posting more tasty recipes in the days and weeks to come.  Happy New Year!   ♥ Holly & Julie

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