Sugar Cone Trees

Sugar cone trees make a beautiful addition to any winter table-scape, and they're tasty too!  What's even better is that they're easy to make.

Sugar Cone Trees

1 package of ice cream sugar cones
2 can of vanilla frosting

Pasty bag
#19 Decorating tip

Wilton Sprinkles™ White Sparkling Sugar (shown)
Cake Mate™ Decors Winter Snowflake (shown)
Cake Mate™ Cupcake Gems Sliver Pearls
Powdered Sugar

1. Place tip in pastry bag and fill with frosting.


2. With the pastry bag in your dominant hand, hold the sugar cone in your other hand.  Place tip of pastry bag against the sugar cone, approximately an inch from the bottom of the cone.

Squeeze pastry bag until frosting starts coming out and then gently pull away from the cone and release pressure from bag.  This should stop the flow of frosting and make a long tree branch shape that will fall against the sugar cone.


3. Continue to pipe around the bottom of the sugar cone, completing a circle of branches around the bottom of the cone.  When the first layer is done, move  up about a 1/2" and begin piping branches so they are spaced in between the branches below (think checkerboard).

When you get about 1/2 way up the "tree", place the cone on a plate. Continue to pipe branches until you reach the tip of the cone.

4. When you reach the top, pipe 3 branches right on the tip. This should cover the top of the tree.

5. (Optional) Top tree with sifted powdered sugar, white sparkling sugar, silver pearls or a snowflake sprinkle.


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