My Favorite Part

My favorite part about making cupcakes is the instant gratification of making something delicious and beautiful. I started making stuffed cupcakes after I tried one from a boutique cupcake store in downtown Portland. It looked so beautiful and tasted so good, that I wanted to make them myself.

So through a little research and then some fine-tuning, I started stuffing cupcakes. Now, I know that the store downtown probably bakes from scratch, but I'm not that kind of baker. I have three kids, and not a lot of time. Even though I'm a stay-at-home mom, I'm rarely home. In the essence of time, I use a box mix. (I know, a collective gasp from the baking elite, but it truly does save time!)  Anyway, that's what they use in all the chain grocery store bakeries that I cake decorated in: big bags of cake mix!

Plus, cake mixes make moister cupcakes.
♥ Holly

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