How to break down a Fuyu persimmon

This is what we did to break down the fruit before making a jam-like sauce for our Persimmon Thumbprint Cookies. (If your neighbor doesn't have a tree, we've seen them at Costco this time of year.) Check on YouTube if you need further information. That's where we learned how!


1. Ripe fruit is mostly orange and cracks around the top stem base, similar to a tomato. Mine sat on the counter for a week after being picked.
2. Turn the fruit stem-side down and cut through the middle with a sharp knife until just before the leaf stem.
3. Pull the persimmon open with your hands and pull back the stem and a bit of the core, much like hulling a strawberry.
4. Quarter the fruit and peel the skin off with a paring knife or vegetable peeler.
5. Cut the fruit into a medium dice.
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