Hi, there! We are JULIE and HOLLY (with SUMMIT, the photo-bombing wonder pup!)

For nine months, we met nearly every week for "Cupcake Thursday" and began creating stuffed cupcakes, by coring out their centers and filling them with goodSTUFF.

Friends and strangers alike raved and asked for the recipes. So several FABULOUS pounds later, we decided to start a food blog, featuring all our STUFFED desserts.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are well aware of the bounty of organic, local ingredients around us, and we use and grow them when we can. But life is crazy, and sometimes you just need a shortcut. Many of our recipes start with a box mix and two cans of frosting.

Holly is a homemaker, who lives with her husband and three children.  She has loved baking since she was a child. Her passion was nurtured by her family throughout her life. Her grandmother was a home economics teacher and an original Martha herself. Her father instructed her in the art of pie making.

When she was first married, Holly took a cake decorating class at a local craft store.  She then worked at several bakeries, decorating 40+ cakes a day.  She now bakes as a hobby.

Holly loves all things crafty, so much so, that she could start her own store from her garage, using the materials there...much to her husband's chagrin.

Julie is a homemaker and produce and flower photographer. She loves fruit-picking summers in the Northwest, where she lives year-round with her husband, two children, dog and guinea pig.

This German-Irish girl never knew how to make an angel food cake from scratch until she met her mother-in-law, Sandra. While Julie's maternal Grandma Sally was a birthday-angel-food-cake maker and prolific Christmas cookie baker -- we're talking 1,000 each season -- Julie still refuses to make an angel food cake without a box mix, kinda like mom.

Julie owns two online shops: Gingersnap Photography on SmugMug.com and STUDIOgingersnap on Etsy and Facebook, where she manifests her craftiness. She has tweaked the uses of her journalism degree over the years as a farm reporter, copy editor and photographer.

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