Shopping with Holly & Julie: Market of Choice field trip


20150115_100348pm2Good Morning!
Julie and I went on a field trip this morning to the newest grocery store in the area, Market of Choice, in Cedar Mill, which had its grand opening today.

It's similar to Whole Foods but bigger, and we received superb customer service in all departments. Felt like we were in Selfridge's of London (circa 1910) as depicted in the PBS show. Love it! And we got interviewed on camera about our opinions of the store, so we'll share the video when we find it.

If you're looking for that one ingredient you just can't find ... you'll likely be able to find it here. The store is amazing, and the selection is extensive (hence the name?) and varied (we even found Western Family brand cake box mixes.) Also, the displays are so pretty; food porn everywhere you look.

Here are a few of our favorite finds:

Quirky little books like this in the homegoods section:
cat book
I Knead My Mommy: And Other Poems by Kittens  by Francesco Marciuliano
"A book of confessional poems about the triumphs, trials, and daily discoveries of being a kitten."

Huge wine selection:
 20150115_103144pm2Look at all that beautiful wine!

20150115_103228pm... and some old, $1K bottles ... like 1911 old! Of course, there are also $10 bottles available too.

Produce - Bright & Beautiful:

20150115_101118pmFresh and tidy. Look at these tubers and roots! I really have never seen this many different types of potatoes in one place.


20150115_104045pmNeed I say more? Look at that beautiful selection of cheeses!

Pate' & Charcuterie - Scrumptious

20150115_104442pm We recommend the Duck & Morel Mousette or the Country Pate' with ground pork, duck & pistachios - made on-site ... ask for a sample 🙂

Baking aisle:

20150115_102404pm - totally inspiring. Look at this gluten-free section!

20150115_102253pmSo many sparkling sugars ...

Now on to the bakery - Lovely

Dreaming of Paris anyone? Perhaps Italy?

And perhaps our favorite? The spinning gelato freezer (it's at the bakery).

Then our checkout lady shared with us, "Have you seen the test kitchen upstairs?" No we haven't, and yes, we'll be back. Hopefully with our cookbook on your shelves and teaching a class about how to stuff cupcakes in your kitchen!

So stop by and see what they have. Take your girlfriends and visit the growler filling station or taste some wine. We plan to take our husbands back for date night. Enjoy!

♥ Holly & Julie

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