Christmas topper technique

(Photos by Holly Haber)

We made Peppermint Mocha Stuffed Cupcakes & Spiked Eggnog Stuffed Cupcakes today. You can find the recipes in our new cookbook or you can get one of them free here.
We tried a new topper technique today, an idea we got from our friend Kristie Hauss!

White Christmas Tree Pretzel Pics
1. Heat white almond bark in the micro until completely melted.
2. Pour melted almond bark into a decorating bag.
3. Lay pretzel sticks on a piece of parchment.
4. Cut a small hole in the decorating bag and drizzle across pretzel stick, making it look like a Christmas tree.
5. While almond bark is still wet, sprinkle with gold sparkling sugar or colored sprinkles.
6. Let dry for 10 minutes.
Perfect as cupcake toppers or a sweet and salty treat.

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