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We've posted lots of stuffed cupcakes and we have a How-To menu but we want to make sure everyone is familiar with how to stuff a cupcake.  Enjoy!

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This is the secret to making ordinary cupcakes extraordinary.  Don't worry, it's really very easy!

1.  Once cupcake is cool, insert an apple corer into the center of cupcake, about 1 inch deep.

2.  Remove cored cake from center of cupcake.  If the center doesn't remove with corer, use a spoon to get the cored cake out.

3.  Once cake center is removed, fill a pastry bag or plastic bag (with one lower corner removed) with filling.  This can be done with or without a decorating tip.

4.  Fill center of cupcake with filling until it is heaping out of the cupcake. Now the cupcake is ready to be frosted.