Pumpkin Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcakes

Today, we are re-issuing our only baked-in stuffed cupcake (Week 46 from our Stuffed In the Middle  cookbook). Grab spice cake box mix, can of pumpkin and some cream cheese at the grocery store and you've got another item checked off your Thanksgiving to-do list!
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A can of pumpkin puree is a healthier substitute for oil and water in this recipe, creating a dense, spice-filled stuffed cupcake just in time for the holidays.



Demerara sugar is a large-grained, somewhat crunchy raw sugar with origins in Guyana.  It tastes a lot like brown sugar. The crystals give the cupcakes a nice crunchy texture. Look for it in the bulk food section of your local grocery store. 

Baked-In Stuff
Pumpkin Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcakes

1 package spice cake box mix
14 oz. can of pumpkin
2 cans cream cheese frosting

2 Tbsp. baking unsweetened cocoa
8 oz. cream cheese
1/4 c. powdered sugar
1 egg
1/8 tsp. salt

Demerara raw sugar
chocolate jimmies

1. Empty the dry Spice box mix into a bowl and add one can of pumpkin puree. Mix together completely.  Do not add any of the ingredients listed on the box.  The batter will be very thick.  Set aside.

Prepare filling: 
2. In a separate bowl, with a mixer, cream together cocoa, cream cheese, powdered sugar, egg and salt.  Mixture will be slightly lumpy.

3.  Scoop cupcake batter into cupcake liners using an ice cream scoop.  (Try to make nicely rounded scoops as this batter is so thick it will come out of the oven looking almost exactly as it does before it goes in.)  Make a deep well in the center of scooped batter with the back of a spoon sprayed with cooking spray.   Then fill centers with about a teaspoon of chocolate cream cheese filling mixture.

4.  Place in oven and cook for 15 minutes.  A toothpick test on this cupcake will not come out clean at 15 minutes but if you leave the cupcakes in for longer they will burn.  Remove them from the oven and leave them in the pan for about 5 minutes to let them finish cooking.  After that, you can remove them and let them cool on the counter or a cooling rack for about 5 to 10 minutes.

5. Once the cupcakes are cool, fill a pastry bag containing a 1M tip with cream cheese frosting from a can.  Circle frost the cupcakes.

6.  Sprinkle with Demerara sugar and/or chocolate jimmies.

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  1. I’m not seeing the print button – help please! Looks yum and I try not to miss breakfast – sets me up for a bad day of eating if I do. Thnaks!
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      Hi, there! There is now a print/pdf button at the bottom of each post; you may also email the recipe.


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